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York Paving is more than just a paving contractor:
York Paving can supply all your infrastructure needs be it municipal, industrial, or commercial.From the bottom up, Sanitary, Storm, Water, Electric, Gas, Sidewalks, Curb, Roadway and Asphalt Paving, York Paving has the experience to get your project done on time and on budget.

About the Company
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The Following spells out the underlying goals which guide our day-to-day activities:
To comply with the strictest principles of business ethics and integrity,and to deal in an honest and forthright manner with customers, suppliers, employees and other groups or individuals.

York Paving LogoGoals regarding our customers:
To offer products and services of the highest quality at prices consistant with an adequate return on the companies investment.

James Brent Hayes

In Athens, Ohio

  • Ohio University Chilled Water. 20in TRflex ductile iron pipe ,concrete roadway, 12in thru 24in RCP storm pipe,catch basins, maholes and asphalt paving.

    ~ Summer 2012
  • City of Athens Court Street Storm Sewer. 60in concrete box culvert, catch basins, manholes and asphalt paving.

    ~ Summer 2012
  • City of Athens & OH. University East Union St. Improvements. Complete street rehabiltation all utilities and roadway.

    ~ Summer 2011